JULY 1st-5th

The burden of Calvary Christian Camp is to provide a place and an atmosphere where young people can be influenced spiritually, while they are also involved in a week of great activities.  The burden of the pastors who are partnered together in support of CCC is to preserve the testimony of tradition, but also to give young people an outlet to enjoy themselves in fellowship and events.  When we gathered to discuss the need for an old-fashioned youth camp, we were all unified around the reality that the power-house camps of days gone by have been greatly missed.  We believe that churches and youth groups have paid a high price due to the downward spiral of current camps that have shifted their focus from the greater matters of spiritually impacting young people to entertaining them.  When you come to CCC you will be spending a week with devout Christians who are like-minded, all seeking for God’s powerful blessings to rest on our camp.  Some would insist that what we once had cannot be duplicated, but we contend that there is no greater method for exposing young people to the life-changing Word of God than in a structured week like we are going to have at CCC.
Calvary Christian Camp is located at the beautiful facilities
of the Venture of Faith Camp  in Lake Park, GA.
What to Bring
King James Version Bible, personal items (soap, wash cloths, towels, tooth brush, etc.),
bed linens (or sleeping bag) for a twin bed, cash for snack shack, ball glove,
activity clothing for games, dress clothes for church (note dress code below).
What Not to Bring
Absolutely no weapons, tobacco or alcohol. 
Do not bring any clothing that advertises rock or country tours. 
Electronics (I-pods, I-pads, mp3 players, ear buds, etc.) cannot be used during the week of camp. 
Cell phones will only be allowed in the case of emergencies.
Girls and ladies are not allowed to wear pants or shorts at camp.  At church, girls and ladies should dress appropriately, nothing tight, short, see-through or sleeveless allowed.  For activities girls and ladies should wear culottes or jean skirts of modest length and fullness.  Culottes are expected to be full, (not form fitting) and past the knee.  Girls and ladies should be considerate of light-colored tops during water activities.
At church boys are requested to wear a collared shirt and nice pants.  That is a minimum; boys are encouraged to dress as nicely as they would like to at church.  In activities, boys and men are not allowed to wear shorts at camp, jeans and parachute pants are acceptable for events.
The dress codes listed above are not intended to be judgmental,but to keep the standard high so that what people wear is not left up to interpretation.  We do not want dress to be a distraction at camp!  We ask counselors who are attending to please inspect your group’s apparel before you come to camp.
Plan to arrive at CCC no later than 3 o’clock on Monday.  The first event will be supper in the dining hall at 5.  Afterwards will be Bible Competition at 6, followed by the evening service at 7pm.  After the evening service we will have camp orientation.  Camp will end on Friday after the morning service and awards ceremony.  We will serve breakfast Friday, but there will be no lunch.
When you come to camp this year you will be participating in some of the best events we could coordinate.  Be ready for Paint Ball, Bible Memorization Competition, Big Ball, Human Foosball, Boxing, Battle Ball, Soft Ball, Flag Football, Couples Kick Ball, and a whole lot more. THERE IS NO EXTRA COSTS TO PARTICIPATE IN ANY OF THE EVENTS – THEY ARE INCLUDED IN THE PRICE!
The biggest awards each year go to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places for Bible Competition.  The rules are simple: all verses have to be word-perfect from the King James Version.  There will be three judges.  They will not assist competitors by telling them what they got right or wrong with their verses; they will only say it was right or wrong.  Once a verse has been quoted correctly, it will no longer be available for the rest of the week.  Verses quoted incorrectly, resulting in the elimination of a competitor can be reattempted by remaining competitors.  The books for this year will be Genesis, Ruth, Psalms, Proverbs, Matthew, John, Ephesians, Hebrews, James, and I John.
We have really worked hard to keep the price of camp very low: $100 for campers/counselors.
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