Girls and ladies are not allowed to wear pants or shorts at camp.  At church, girls and ladies should dress appropriately, nothing tight, short, see-through or sleeveless allowed.  For activities girls and ladies should wear culottes or jean skirts of modest length and fullness.  Culottes are expected to be full, (not form fitting) and past the knee.  Girls and ladies should be considerate of light-colored tops during water activities.
At church boys are requested to wear a collared shirt and nice pants.  That is a minimum; boys are encouraged to dress as nicely as they would like to at church.  In activities, boys and men are not allowed to wear shorts at camp, jeans and parachute pants are acceptable for events.
The dress codes listed above are not intended to be judgmental,but to keep the standard high so that what people wear is not left up to interpretation.  We do not want dress to be a distraction at camp!  We ask counselors who are attending to please inspect your group’s apparel before you come to camp.